Available for Transfer Today

Harbour mice are available for transfer to your facility today! Our team will work with you to complete a seamless process that will have the Harbour platform in your facility in weeks!

Affordable Terms Negotiated

Flexible and affordable terms based upon the needs of the licensee. Call or email us to discuss how we can come to terms that work for your organization.

Technology for Today & Tomorrow

Harbour Antibodies has produced next generation transgenic mouse strains for the discovery of human IgG (H2L2) and heavy chain only (HCAb) monoclonal antibodies.

  • Harbour Antibodies plans to exploit transgenic mouse antibody platforms for the production of different types of antibodies:- conventional H2L2 antibodies, heavy chain only antibodies(HCAbs) and VH domain antibody complexes. Transgenic mice for the derivation of conventional human antibodies (H2L2) comprising two heavy and two light chains, following antigen challenge
  • Human HCAb dimers are soluble, not prone to aggregation, less complex to manufacture than H2L2 tetramers and may provide an alternative to H2L2 antibody based platforms for the development of new medicines, diagnostics and reagents.
  • Soluble antigen specific VH domains derived from HCAbs form the basis of easily engineered second generation VH domain antibody complexes, molecules which have proved difficult to derive from H2L2 antibodies

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